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From William Taylor in Birmingham to Mary Fletcher. He is taking this opportunity to send a letter with brother Price. Taylor must report that the Lord has called on him to pass through a very troubling time of 'body afflictions and severe temptation ... but I bless God that I had an advocate to go to in my greatest trouble, which graciously supported me ...' Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail. Reference is made to Fletcher's long-standing in the Church and her great usefulness. He prays that God will spare her life for years to come 'for the sake of the people among whom you labour and for the whole world for whom you pray. [unreadable word] rejoice to hear that Miss Tooth is so heartily engaged in the work of God and my prayer is to God that she may be made useful to multitudes of immortal souls ...' Spiritual matters are further discussed in great detail.

Taylor is sorry that he has lost brother Price, but the Lord is carrying on his work. Brother Collings, who wrote to Fletcher, has started to preach and Taylor hopes that he will be made a great blessing to the people. Praise the Lord that He has sent four excellent preachers.

Taylor has been informed that brother Nelson is close to death.

It gives Taylor great pleasure to recall his time with Fletcher at Madeley. The friend that he was with at Madeley is well. Reference is also made to Joseph Smart's brother continuing strong in his faith.

Taylor would be very grateful to receive a letter from Fletcher - has she heard from Mr and Mrs [unreadable name]? How are Mr and Mrs [John] Eyton, Mrs Plowden, Mr and Mrs Walters and both the Miss Tooths [Mary and her sister Rosamund]?

Fletcher should pray that the Lord will convert Taylor's wife. Reference is made to Deriton Chapel [Warwickshire].

Letters should be sent to Taylor at Warwick Street near Deriton, Birmimgham.