Scope and Content

From W. [William?]. Jones in [Bridnorth]. He has the pleasure to inform Tooth that Rebecca got home very well between five and six. She was not as wet as might have been expected, considering that it rained most of the way. She says that she does not feel any the worse for her journey but is in fact much better in body and mind. Jones is envious that she was able to enjoy Tooth’s company. Rebecca has been telling him about some of the people who she met and Jones is finding this very enjoyable - certainly the opportunity to spend time in Madeley would be most welcome.

Jones was sorry to hear from Rebecca that they had both [Tooth and her sister Rosamund?] been unwell - he prays that Tooth may be spared a little longer to continue to be useful in the Church. Jones’s happiest moments are when he can enjoy the company of dear children of God. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

His regards should be passed to Miss Haslewood. Jones hopes that Haslewood will soon be able to spend a week or fortnight in Bridgnorth.