Scope and Content

From Rebecca Longmore in Oswestry to Mary Tooth. Longmore would have been pleased to have had a letter from her via [John] Stormont but she knows that Tooth’s time is taken up with many other pressing matters. She feels that she has much to write to Tooth about but has an increasing aversion to writing letters. Longmore wishes that she could visit Madeley and see Tooth in person but it is a bad time to leave home. Her health is indifferent and her memory is getting worse. Her removal [from Coalbrookdale to Oswestry] has been a very expensive and worrisome process, but the situation is better and the house and shop more convenient. She is getting more business but whether that will be enough remains to be seen. She herself questions if she is fit for this line of work although her friends reassure her that she is suited. It is a burden to her.

She thinks that she has already mentioned to Tooth that [her daughter] Sarah was in a situation at Derrington which is about three miles from Whitchurch - ‘she was deprived of all her religious privileges and was exposed to such things, that I could not think of her returning. The lady was much disappointed, but as I regarded her best interests, I dare not think of it. I think she was there just long enough to do her good and not harm, she now knows the value of home and her religious privileges and is more willing to make herself generally useful than I ever thought she would’.

A long time ago Longmore took the liberty of asking Tooth to pay a small bill for her owed to Mr Randle – if this has been done, Stormont will settle the amount with Tooth on her behalf.

Longmore has been interrupted many times in writing this letter – [her daughter] Rebecca has been ‘very delicate’ (Longmore wishes that the girl had gone with Stormont and paid a small visit to her friends in Coalbrookdale). If Longmore has another offer of going all that way in a gig free of charge, she would certainly accept it but she is confined to the shop as her shop boy is ill and Sarah has gone to 'keep house’ for her aunt [Mrs] Ireland for a week.