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From Ann Tripp in Leeds to Mary Tooth in Madeley. She has wanted to reply to Tooth's letter ever since she received it but her sight is so bad now that she finds it difficult to write a letter.

The week before she received Tooth's letter, she received one from Mr C[harles] Bosanquet with an order for £45 and guidance on how to receive payment from any bank in Leeds. Tripp has written to acknowledge the gift. The silver ladle mentioned by Tooth was owned by Tripp's mother and this was why dear departed Mary Fletcher instructed that it be returned to Tripp when opportunity presented. Tripp cannot think of anyone who is travelling between Madeley and Leeds any time soon.

Tooth's reasons for temporarily withholding despatch of Fletcher's customary gift of £5 are very understandable. When convenient, Tripp will receive it as a 'a last token of love from her and you.'

She rejoices that the Lord is with Tooth and has 'sanctified' the bitter event of Fletcher's death. Tooth has doubtless had many trials and can expect many more, but the Lord will support her.

Tripp supposes that by this time, Tooth has left the vicarage and is settled into her new home. Is it the house Mr [George] Mortimer has left? Tooth's continued residence in Madeley will be a comfort to the people and a support for the work of God. Tooth spoke in a former letter of wanting a place to hold meetings in. Will Mr M[ortimer] not allow the meetings to take place in the venue where they were accustomed to be held for so many years? If he does not, what use will be made of the building? If Mortimer does not do as the other ministers have done, she fears that it will greatly hinder his usefulness.

Tripp has never been told with whom Mrs Fletcher left her papers, nor when her life will be published. Tripp hopes that she is still alive to see it.

Trip has been very ill during the winter and was rarely able to get to the chapel. Spiritual matters are discussed.

In a postscript, she asks that her regards be passed to Tooth's sister [Rosamund]. They are about to convene a juvenile missionary meeting here.