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From Mary Whittingham in Everton to Mary Fletcher in Madeley. She received Fletcher's precious letter and was 'very obliged to you for the sweet experience of the little boy, which I have read to several persons, and wish it may be a blessing to many. I was also much delighted with the beginning of your letter where you seem so desirous of being permitted to do something for God, and live to his glory. When I consider what you have done, and the devoted life you constantly lead, I cannot but think your language very similar to that of the righteous of the last day ...' Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Whittingham has lately felt a great desire to see Fletcher in person. If it were convenient to Fletcher, she would like to spend a week or two weeks in Madeley. In August, she intends visiting London to see her oldest daughter; she could then catch the stage to Birmingham where she can rest with friends for a day or two before continuing to Madeley. There is a window of opportunity before they move to their new parish. Would that arrangement be acceptable? If she comes, she could travel by stage via Walsall or Birmingham or Wednesborough.

Her husband Richard sends his best wishes. He would very much like to see Fletcher, but cannot be spared from his busy employment.

Whittingham was very grateful for the recipe for green oil, which she shall make soon. Her son [Samuel] still preaches here