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From Allscott. This is the fourth time that Jenkins has tried to write this. Jenkins told her sister Ellen that she was intending to write to Tooth and Ellen said that she should not expose her ignorance, which dampened her spirits and prevented her from writing. However, she shall not wait any longer for she knows that Tooth will overlook all her faults. Reference is made to her sister Ellen not taking up her cross and going back into the world as a result. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

She does not think that she has told Tooth of the ‘precious season’ that Jenkins had at the prayer meeting in Bridgnorth on Nov 22. It pleased the Lord to give her ‘a clear witness of sanctification. I then felt a determination to…take up my cross and since then I have had family prayer night and morning as before I only had it at night’. Jenkins did as Tooth told her to when she came home that night and her mother did not say anything to her about it, but corrected Jenkins’s brothers when they started to make fun of her.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Jenkins thinks that the meetings are going on very well. Congregations have been much better and they held a prayer meeting for the first time last Sunday after preaching. They are also going to have a prayer meeting at Brindleford one night a week.

Jenkins longs to see Tooth and the Coalport friends. The Lord is reviving his work there and at Bridgnorth - she longs to see the work prosper here also. There are many back-sliders in this part of the world.