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To [Mary Fletcher]. They are obliged for Fletcher’s kind enquiries concerning their health and welfare. Mary is tolerably well although still somewhat of an invalid – she has not completely recovered from the attack that she received just after she was last at Madeley.

Mortimer himself has recovered so much that he is again able to resume his public duties, although he should add also that they have never seemed so oppressive as they did today. He is sure that this was simply the after-effect of past physical weakness and that he will soon be back to normal. He trusts that with the Lord’s help, he will be able to be at the [Madeley] Barn tomorrow with the ‘dear people.’ If however he is unable to attend, he will make sure that he lets Fletcher know in good time so she can find a replacement.

They were very pleased to receive a letter in Fletcher’s own hand with the excellent news that her health has been restored – it is the Lord’s doing.

They received a letter last Monday from Mortimer’s dear mother – she was quite surprised at the good tidings that they communicated and joins in the hope that the Lord will complete Fletcher’s recovery.

[John] Eyton and his wife are both well. Their oldest daughter is quite sick with a cold but nothing serious.

Dated 'Sunday evening'.