Scope and Content

[The handwriting is difficult to read at several points in this letter.]

From Birmingham. It seems a long time since she last heard from Tooth and feared that the severe weather had ‘laid you aside’. She is therefore relieved to hear that Tooth is well and able to attend the meetings in the house ‘for the sake of the cause in Madeley’. Tooth must take care of herself and should not make the attempt to go out at present.

In Tooth’s next letter, Ludlow would like to be told of the state of Mrs Harper’s mind.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

Her husband [William] is also feeling better although far from completely well.

Ludlow hopes to see Tooth in Birmingham this spring for she does not expect to be able to venture out herself as she needs to assist constantly in the shop. They are trying to increase their business but are having trouble for want of cash. It is doubtful that this location is the best for them.

[Samuel?] Loxton, Mr Goodman[?] and Miss [unreadable name] are very kind and do all they can to assist as they do not have a single relation on either side who will ‘forward us’ [money]. This serves to convince them that help is completely in the Lord.

The last time that Ludlow wrote, she had a good deal on her mind. Her youngest child was ill and she quite forgot to thank Tooth for the muslin, [type of cloth] which was very acceptable and will ‘serve me to wear some time before it goes to the shop’.

Ludlow was sorry that Tooth had to pay that money. She will make further enquiries of Mr Borrow.

Reference is made to having a long letter ready for Mrs Franks.

Ludlow must now conclude as she must go to the shop. Her kind love should be given to Rebecca, Miss Haselwood. [Two unreadable names] send their regards to Tooth.