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From Forest House, Leytonstone, Essex to Cross Hall, Morley Common near Leeds, Yorkshire. He is sorry to have to inform her that [Thomas] Bennet's bill [for legal expenses arising from the mortgage] amounts to much more than was previously estimated namely £40-50. Financial details are further discussed with itemised expenses.

He trusts that Mary's harvest was a plentiful one. The weather here in general has not been favourable. He would be glad to hear how her malting has proceeded - 'I much doubt its answering as the risk of bad debts must eat up all the profits. I have mentioned the usual method among traders was to reckon 2 percents among their charges in order to make a little fund & pay such losses as may happen by bad debts - but I am told since that 5% is not reckoned too much to charge on that account in the malting way provided it is not charged upon what is sold for ready money - & that over & above the interest. I hope your losses are not so considerable as to require so large a deduction.'

His wife [Eleanor] and the children are very well. Samuel junior's eye is coming along very well although he cannot yet be persuaded to use spectacles so that he is unable to read a book.

Jenny is also well although with a pain in her side.