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From Samuel Warren in Northwich to Mary Fletcher in Madeley. A letter from Mary Tooth received this morning brought news of Fletcher's poor health - 'that you feel it to be an affliction, I am persuaded can only be as it interrupts your more active services in the Church of God. To close a life of usefulness with suffering, was the allotment of your dear husband [John Fletcher]; and especially the method in which the Captain of our Salvation chose to perfect his work.' Spiritual matters are further discussed with particular regard to reflections on suffering.

Since Warren last wrote, 'the Lord has shown me great things ... he has perfected the restoration of my dear Anne, from the miraculous interposition of his power when all human help was useless, and no symptoms of life appeared. Never were my views of the power of faith and prayer so enlarged as in this season of affliction. She is just recovering from her confinement.'

They have had 6 or 8 most remarkable conversions 'in the public ordinances within the last quarter of a year. Some convinced of sin under the preaching, have cried out in the whole congregation, and have in the same hour exulted in the knowledge of a sin-pardoning God. Many backsliders have already been restored, and very many are groaning for full deliverance from inbred sin.'

It would have given Warren great pleasure to have been able to see Fletcher at the time of the last Conference [Liverpool July 1813], 'but the peculiar circumstances of the circuit I left [Macclesfield], and the one to which I was appointed [Northwich] would not allow of my absence.'

Fletcher did him a great honour when she submitted her papers for his perusal. He is always very willing to perform her any favours to the utmost of his power. 'I should be exceedingly happy to wait upon you, for whatever further communications you may deem necessary ...'

In a postscript, Warren asks that Mary Tooth write to him with news of Fletcher's health, especially if there is no improvement. Anne also sends her best wishes.