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From Audley Bowdler to [Mary] Tooth. 'i had convictions at 8 years of age and it pleased god to afflict mee and there was little hope of my recovery'. [John] Fletcher came and prayed over him and he recovered. After that Bowdler's mother began taking him to worship[?] 'and it pleased god to afflict my mother and call her out of time into eternity then i was left as a sheep without a shepherd for my father was a carnal man a champion for the divil…he youst to take me with him to the publick [house?] then i became as a wild ass…not caring for god nor men…for many yers till after my dear beloved and i were married and then our family came on and wee endeavoured to rear them and it pleased god to afflict a dearly beloved daughter and att the eleventh year of her age hee called her out of time…' It was after that event that Bowdler finally turned completely to God.