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      27 May 1816 [postmark]

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From Mary Whittingham at Potten Vicarage to Mary Tooth at Madeley. She is very grateful for Tooth's kindness in sending her a picture [of Mary Fletcher], together with the handkerchief that had belonged to Fletcher as a keepsake of Whittingham's beloved aunt. She was also grateful for the books. Whittingham was very pleased with Tooth's letter to the people of Madeley - it is well done and 'much to the purpose'. Whittingham is sure that God will bless Tooth's work very much. 'You must have great comfort in reflecting how you have been a comfort to our dear departed friend that Holy and blessed woman, who has been a blessing to many. What a striking address did she make to the people on opening her room for public worship. May they never forget it ... I sometimes tell my young people who I meet once a week (I have now 65) they will remember one day what I have said to them ... one of my young friends, 26 years of age, who from 18 has consulted with me, and who I dearly love, is now dying in a sweet and peaceful state of soul.'

Whittingham intends to take Tooth's account of her Aunt Fletcher's death to [Charles] Simeon's next annual meeting.

'Thank you for telling me she loved me dearly and spoke always so kindly of me.' When Fletcher's life appears in print, Whittingham will be pleased to purchase some of them.

Her youngest son [John's] wife and baby is staying in the house with them at present. It is hoped that they will get a farm soon. Her daughter-in-law and the baby have been here with them for some weeks and will in 3 or 4 weeks more, travel to spend some time with her mother. This has been a great drain on Whittingham's time - she felt happy having them stay, but now feels that it would be too much if it were for much longer.