Scope and Content

From Alscott to Mary Tooth. Jenkins is again writing to Tooth for her advice with regard to them having a new chapel as the room that they now meet in, is very inconvenient. On evenings it gets very full and hot. It pains her to see people leave before the service has barely begun – they say that it makes them feel ill and some of them have asked that the meeting be held out of doors.

There is a blacksmith’s shop and [unreadable word] house on the Bridgnorth road. It belongs to Mr Whitmore and is about a quarter of a mile from where the Jenkins family live. It seems to be of no use to the owners and has no tenants. Jenkins and her brother have concluded that it would be an excellent place for a chapel. Her brother thinks it not unlikely that Whitmore will give it to the Methodists as he told him that he would do anything in his power to promote religion in the area. If this option should however fail, there are other possibilities. They have talked it over and many times made it a matter for prayer. They have also considered the expense and difficulty attending such a project, although they are not discouraged. They are only waiting for Tooth’s advice and prayers before her brother visits Mr [Whitmore] to ask his consent.

Jenkins hopes that Tooth will come and speak to them personally about this next Thursday evening or any time during the week, but they would be obliged if she did not delay longer than that as they are very anxious to know her mind on this matter. They promise to submit to her counsel.