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From Miss Elizabeth Bird at 13 Norfolk Terrace, Hereford, to [Mary] Tooth at Madeley. She was grateful to receive Tooth's very Christian letter and the present which accompanied it. 'Every thing relating to our late pious friend [Mary Fletcher?] must ever be acceptable and dear to me'. The delay in Bird sending this letter, was because Mr Watmough did not deliver Tooth's letter until this week. This [present] letter has been given to Mrs H. Whitmore to pass on to Tooth. 'I enjoyed half an hour's pious conversation with your friend who fully justifies your good opinion of him'.

This last winter has been a period of great bodily suffering for Bird. No sooner had she recovered from an inflammation in her side and a nervous fever, than her carriage was overturned and she was left with cuts and bruises. Spiritual matters are discussed.

'He [God] has most graciously permitted me the glorious priviledge of labouring for him in the missionary cause & greatly blest my humble endeavours & I now hope shortly to add £150 per an. to the fund of the [Wesleyan Missionary] Society…I have lately added to my list 300 new names…'