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From Mrs L. Gordon at 8 Cheetham Hill, Manchester to Mary Tooth. Gordon has been invalid for several years and for the last thirteen months has been confined to her bed. She has recently added dropsy to her list of afflictions.

She lent some of the books which Tooth kindly gave her to a sick friend in the country, but these have been returned. Reference is made to the printed account of the death of [Mary] Fletcher and to the great blessing that it has been to Gordon. Reference is made to spiritual matters, with particular regard to submission to God's will.

Gordon is also very short of money. Writing is very painful so she will not say any more on that subject. One of her daughters is her constant attendant.

Mr Gordon has been without employment since the failure of a [counting] house which he has been in for upward of twenty-five years. Unless they can borrow a sum of money from a friend, they will not be able to remain in this cottage after Monday. Perhaps Tooth could lend them the money and allow them to repay it by small amounts, as Mr Gordon has the chance of a position but at small renumeration.

In a postscript she adds that the rent arrears amount to £10 and they would need £25-30.