Scope and Content

From Mary Norman in [Bristol] to [Mary] Bosanquet and Sarah Ryan in London. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail, with particular regard to Norman’s own spiritual state.

They have been informed that dear [Sarah] Ryan has given up some of the truths that she used to declare, but Norman cannot easily accept this except from Ryan’s own mouth. ‘O my God hast not thou declared by thy holyness thou wilt never fail the soul that trusteth in thee. Is not thy truth as the strong mountain…’ Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

‘[Sister] Ryan’s dream put me upon relating mine. Some time before we heard from you last, I dreamt I was with some of our friends where there was a great number of Guerneys [Possibly a variant spelling of the English dialect word Guernsey, which was a type of woolen jersey or worsted shirt. ] on a table of a prodigious brightness. I did not know the person that was putting them up in parcels. There stood by it a very odd shaped thing like a copper pot that had been burnt on the fire and was exceeding black. Some body said that belonged to me, I took it in my hand and said nothing but observing the person lifting the guerneys, I perseved a [unreadable word] on one of them. I said that is counterfeit, it is only cased over. I left them looking over it and went to the goldsmith’s to have this black thing tried. The man scratched of a little of the black and said it was very good gold, I bade him not scrape it more of the black of it. It was the deepest couler I ever saw and seemed rather like the rays of the sun. I awoke well satisfied that it was good mettle but set nothing by it, only hearing of your’s [Ryan] brought it fresh to my mind…’