Scope and Content

From John Wooding in Salop to Mary Tooth in Madeley. He would like to be remembered to all those who know him in the Madeley area. When he reflects on the kind reception that he met with at Tooth's house, the free and social intercourse that he had with the brethren and the very happy and profitable week that he spent with his Madeley friends, then he is very much drawn back towards those parts. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Since he saw Tooth, Wooding has spent a month in Wales and he found there 'things are in some measure as they are in other places, simplicity dwells and there grace resides, the heavenly flame kindles, yea burns, which makes religion amiable. Yet even among them there are troubles in Israel ... a deadweight on the cause of God and a plague to society ... In other places, the once fruitful land is become a desert ... alas, alas how a conformity to world in most places like a canker saps the very vitals of religion.' As for Wooding, he worries that he is not yet 'sanctified or perfected in love'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Mr [David] Cornforth and [John] Squarebridge send their best wishes