Scope and Content

From Cam near Dursley. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Their daughter Marianne will therefore spend her vacation with Tooth, for which they are very grateful. Holloway has written accordingly to the girl [at Meriden School]. Her vacation starts on the 15th - one of her classmates is from Madeley and they will presumably accompany one another.

Spiritual matters are discussed, with specific reference to the revival taking place in Cam, where several have been converted and others are actively seeking God.

'There is a great lack in the old believers of pressing on to sanctification. The work seems quite stagnant here, & in general the possibility of its attainment is I believe something like questioned. It is seldom preached and not for many years, have I heard it enforced - do you not think this glory of Methodism is passing away?…I do believe it attainable. O how to attain it!…'

In a postscript, she passes on the love of her daughter Sarah, with reference to her past visit to Madeley