Scope and Content

From Liverpool. She is sorry for her delay in replying to Fletcher's last - she was absent from home with her husband [Thomas] on a 'little excursion' when it arrived. They are grateful for Fletcher's kind offer of letting [Thomas] stay with her - he had written to Mr Walters for advice on the appropriate steps for him [Hill] to take with respect to preparing himself for [Anglican] ordination, with regard to knowledge of languages etc. As he lacked an instructor to supervise such study, he thought that perhaps Walters could recommend a suitable person, but she understands that there is now a possibility of a suitable person here in Liverpool, and he therefore declines her most kind offer.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

They were happy to hear that she received the [missing word] safely and that it met with her approval.

Hill's sister [Ann Loxdale] is well and sends her regards.

They are favoured here with three new preachers who 'are highly acceptable to the people and all seem encouraged to expect an outpouring of the spirit and a great revival of the work of God…'

In a postscript, she asks that Fletcher pass on [Thomas's] respects to Mr Walters and that he hopes to receive a reply to his letter when convenient.