Scope and Content

To [Mary] Bosanquet at Leytonstone in Essex. Ryan has just now received her ‘Polly[’s] letter’ and is concerned on her account – may the Lord support her until they meet again.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. Ryan believes that her coming here will be ‘a lasting blessing to both our souls’.

As for Ryan, she is amazingly well and although her stomach is bad and her nerves poor, she has had no need to open the bottle just yet. She is thinking of going to Mrs Arthur’s from Saturday until Wednesday morning.

Last night she had a message from brother Constable to go to Mrs Wesley’s ‘and assure [her that I] was not come down to keep[?] Bristol house, for she and Mrs Oxworth is in great distress about it, for they say [I] and Mr Wesley have agreed it together. [Two unreadable words] I have not quit your service yet. This day I saw Mrs Oxworth and assured her if they would give me all Bristol to do it I could not, besides you could not spare me. So she, in that, is satisfied. My dear love Anna have sent the boulster and pillow and glassis [glasses] by Mr Dow. A Mr Morrris will take care of them. She is in a very pore way and pore circumstances…

I have since spoke with all my friends and the advice I have gave[sic] may bring much… I must obey God rather than man… He sent me [to] town indeed and believe it will be a lasting blessing to those poor souls…’

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

In a postscript, she adds that Ryan’s poor sister sends her love. ‘My Poly, don’t trouble yourself to write shorthand, I can’t read it.’