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From [Sarah] Dyer in Bristol to [Sarah] Ryan in London. Providence has provided her with this opportunity to write to Ryan, in the hope that her approach will not be considered impudent. Dyer has been meeting with the [Methodists] for a long time, but to no avail. She is not blaming the Methodists, rather her own ignorance and temptation, so that she has been unable to speak to anyone. She hopes that where she is unable to speak, she will at least be able to write - 'for most part of the time I met you in class, I trembled like one that appeared before a judge and have often wondered what could be the meaning as my natural disposition is rather sturn and resolute, but the Lord has in part shown me I was inclined to trust in the creature before the creator, and put you in the place of God…but blest be God, I esteem you now as a Child of Grace…' Spiritual matters are discussed in great detail, with particular regard to Dyer's continuing spiritual struggle and also to the 'cruel nervous complaint' from which she suffers.

She has no reason to complain of her class leader Miss Johnson.

MAM/FI/2.8/- Alicia DArcy to Mary Fletcher & Mary Tooth.