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From 15 Davies Street, Berkeley Square, London to Mary Tooth. She cannot believe that so much time has passed since she last wrote to Tooth, and thinks that she must have no reply to Tooth’s letter of 27 April. She does not recall if she has informed Tooth that her father will not be taking his usual trip [to Shropshire] as he has already transacted most of his business through correspondence. Means understands from a friend Mrs Broome, who is currently staying with Mrs Legge, that she [Legge] has been visiting Tooth this Summer. ‘I imagine it is your sister of whom you spoke because residing at Teignmouth. Shall you accompany her any part of the journey back. Can you not make an effort and visit Metropolis [London], we should be pleased to see you.’

Means and her sister have been staying for nearly a week ‘with our dear pastor in Kent…and most agreeably the time passed, much too quick for either of us. You have heard me mention his name many times, Mr Leach I mean.’

Means has been ‘prevented from proceeding with this understanding from my father. He had a message from Rebecca but something or other occurs to [unreadable word]. I ask him what it is he wishes her to communicate to [unreadable word]. His reply that I have determined to wait no longer, but write again as soon as he informs me his wishes. I hope she is well and continues obliging, prosperous I imagine is out of the question as far as regards this world’s good; if she has what is necessary and be contented [unreadable word], that is what we all require to make us value our mercies for we have all more than we deserve.’