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From 32 Clarence Street, Liverpool, to Mary Tooth. Hill was pleased to receive news of Tooth from her nephew Edward Loxdale, who has lately seen her. Hill is happy to take the opportunity afforded by Edward's return to Shropshire to send this letter with him. Hill and her husband [Thomas] often talk of the happy days they spent in Madeley with Tooth and their highly venerated friend [Mary Fletcher] They are pleased that the work which [Fletcher] promoted, continues to prosper. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

[Thomas] has for the last two years been in a poor state of health, owing she believes, largely to the labours attendant upon his [Anglican] curacy about seven miles from Liverpool - he used to walk there and back every Sunday. Hill herself has been subject to severe attacks of rhumatism, which confine her to the house for several weeks at a time. She does believe however that such afflictions will work out for their spiritual good in the long term.

They were pleased to hear of the attachment which Edward has formed with a young lady, who he says is well-known to Tooth and of whom, she apparently has a high opinion. Hill would be very pleased to see him settled with a suitable young woman and she has no doubt that Edward will make such a person happy. It is however necessary for him to have suitable employment and she hopes that he will use every effort to procuring that end. Edward is very talented.