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From John Fennel in Bradford to [Mary] Tooth. They have not heard from Tooth for a long time and are very keen to know how she is, both physically and spiritually. Since they saw Tooth last, she has been 'in the fire' as the Lord has taken their dear and mutual friend [Mary Fletcher]. They have heard a report that Tooth remains resident at Madeley and would be glad to have the same confirmed by Tooth. They have just read the two volume published life of Mary Fletcher - it is good and there was room for more. There need be no fear of printing anything that Mrs[?] Fletcher wrote. If Tooth is still at Madeley, he trusts that she still watches over the precious souls which were so dear to 'our late mother' [Fletcher]. Madeley was highly exalted.

'When I look back from mine infancy upon the great kindness of God to Madeley, the incessant labours of much revered and truly valuable friend Mr [John] Fletcher and of those who have succeeded him, I cannot help saying to myself, surely Madeley should be [unreadable word] among the Churches'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

This area is increasingly wealthy, but he is afraid, not in holiness. The congregations are large - at the parish church they often have nearly three thousand. Fennel has been supplying Mr [William] Morgan's[?] 'lack of service' for the last twelve months while he has been in London seeking to liquidate the debt on his church. Through the kindness of God, he has so far been able to reduce it from over £1,400 to less than £200 and has now returned to Bradford.

Mr Walters is about sixteen miles from them, but they have not yet seen him. He [Walters] was recently presented to the perpetual curacy of Slaithwaite.

Fennel received a letter some time ago from Mr Biship, informing him that Mr Mortimer[?] is preparing to leave for New Zealand. Is this really the case? If so, and Mortimer leaves Madeley, is there anyone [appointed?] to be his successor. He has some particular reasons for being so inquisitive - 'How does the great and good work go on among you?' Is Mortimer and his family well? - he is about to undertake an herculean task in undertaking the passage to New Zealand. Spiritual matters are discussed. It matters little whether one's bones lie in Madeley, New Zealand or anywhere else.

Mr Parnell and Mr and Mrs [William?] Morgan are well and send their love.

Fennel and his family are well and he is busy, having recently performed three full services every Sunday, besides preaching on the week days in different parts of the parish, as well as speaking six hours every day at a large boarding school