Scope and Content

From Birmingham. She had fully made up her mind to visit Tooth in March and sent her a message by a friend to that effect, but her servant left Jordan in [unreadable word] and she had no regular servant until last Wednesday and she cannot at present leave home as Mr Jordan is going to Sheffield on Tuesday, and then sets off for London as soon as he comes back. Jordan has not heard from Mrs [Martha] Gregson for a long time.

Jordan wrote to her last week that her [Jordan’s] health has been very bad all winter and is not good now. She would like to commit herself to visiting Madeley at a specific time but has had so many disappointments in that regard that she is loath to appoint a specific date. Tooth can however be assured that she will come as soon as she can. Jordan often feels great pleasure at the thought of the many happy times that she has spent in Madeley.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Her Monday class [meeting] prospers- she has lately had forty in attendance and they have had some ‘blessed seasons’. Jordan would have liked to have had Tooth heard them sing “Come to Jesus” last Monday night.