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From John Furniss in Mansfield, to Mary Fletcher She will be happy to hear that her prayers on behalf of [his son] James have been answered. Furniss took him to Woodhouse Grove School in late February and in March it pleased God to begin a revival among the pupils there. Word of this was first conveyed to Furniss in a letter from [William] Morgan, which included the following passage; 'Yesterday morning I left Woodhouse Grove where I had spent a few hours the previous evening and never shall I forget what I then saw. ALMOST ALL THE BOYS CONVERTED!!! - I know not how to write about it, my heart is full of wonder etc…Mr [John] Fennel was joining them in a class while I was there and I cannot describe how well they spoke. Your DEAR JAMES was one of the chief…'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

The work of God is prospering in this area. They have taken in two new places and have opened a new chapel. A large chapel is also being built in this town and another chapel in Worksop which will be for the mission there. Perhaps Fletcher has heard that the Duke of Norfolk [Bernard Edward Howard] has helped them with a gift of twenty tons of timber - Furniss spoke with the Duke for an hour and his Grace spoke very favourably of universal redemption but opposed particular redemption. The Duke also wished their project well and took an interest in helping them to plan their chapel.

Furniss was sorry to hear from [Benjamin] Longmore that Fletcher's health has been poor this last Winter. Hopefully when the weather improves, she will be able to resume her work.

Furniss's wife has been reasonably free from rheumatism. She joins in sending love to [Mary] Tooth, Mr Walters and the members of Fletcher's 'congregations'