Scope and Content

[The handwriting is difficult to read at several points in this letter.]

From Cross Lane Head [near Shrewsbury]. She supposes that Lucy will inform her of the misfortune that happened to the gig [small carriage]. That incident together with the fact that her health has been poor anyway, renders it impossible for her to return to Madeley much as she regrets it, especially as Ludlow’s sister does not return home this week.

Ludow cannot be separated any longer from her dear boy. Her aunt is very ill and Ludlow must return soon. She feels very much for her uncle.

[Much of the rest of this letter is both difficult to read and understand].

Reference is made to Mr Jenkins.

Richard Watkins talked of attending the love feast if possible. ‘He gave me a pretty good account of the meeting. The preachers do not neglect them very much. If you could get over it would be well, they want encouragement’.

Ludlow’s aunt and uncle send their respects, as does Ludlow’s sister.

Spiritual matters are discussed with regard to Ludlow’s state of mind.