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From [Mr] D. Davies in Shrewsbury. At his wife's request, he is sending this letter to thank Tooth for her kind enquiry after the health of Mrs Hewitt and of the Davies family. Mrs Hewitt's indisposition has not been severe and never painful, but consisting essentially of bodily weakness and coughing, caused by a malady which appears to have been universal. Spiritual matters are discussed.

Davies's wife has been very attentive to Hewitt - reading to her the pious books which that lady prefers and seeing to her refreshment needs. Mrs Hewitt is now much better - she had sat for some days in her room but yesterday came downstairs and her appetite is somewhat returned.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. God's grace has been shown to Davies's family and one example can suffice - 'not one of my sons, of the whole 3, have ever asked, to go to see the sinful gaity, of any one scene, commonly calld amusements, ever since we resided within this place'.

Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Davies and the boys sends their love to Tooth and her sister [Rosamund].