Scope and Content

From M. Micklewright in Kidderminster to [Rosamund] Tooth. She dearly sympathises with Rosamund and her sister [Mary] on this trying occasion [the death of Mary Fletcher]. Micklewright had long had it in mind to write to Fletcher but she ran out of time. Her daughter has been ill and is still confined to her room with lameness so that she cannot walk at all. This has placed extra work on Micklewright’s time that she is obliged to neglect her friends. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

She would welcome a letter with details of Fletcher’s last illness and funeral. Her son John went to Madeley last Tuesday intending to go to the funeral. When he arrived he was very disappointed to discover that it was actually on Wednesday.

The reason why Micklewright has written to Rosamund rather than Mary is because she expects that Mary’s mind is ‘too much occupied at this time to write to me’.