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From Birmingham. She is sorry that she has not written sooner but she has not had the time. She has spent all her spare moments with Mrs Rugg who has been brought to God in her illness, for she is now in a dying state but is very happy. Jordan has given Rugg all the attention that she could as a duty and has found that it has been a great blessing to her own [Jordan’s] soul. Jordan feels that her own spiritual ‘prospects’ have brightened and her confidence is at a high level. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Jordan trusts that Tooth and her sister [Rosamund] are in good health. Her love should be passed to all the dear friends at Madeley. She often thinks of the happy times that she spent there. Jordan hopes that they will see Tooth in the Spring in Birmingham.

Her husband is currently in London.

Jordan’s love should be passed to Miss Dorset.

She would have sent this letter last Saturday but had a very bad headache and was unable to write.