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From 17 Princess Square, Kennington. Yesterday Mr Whitmore called on Horsman to give him a ten pound note which he said came from Fletcher and Mrs Whitmore. He does not know how to thank for her great kindness. Spiritual matters are discussed.

The money came in time of particular need for Horsman’s wife who had been staying with their son-in-law is about to move back because of the increasing size of their son-in-law’s family.

He mentioned to Fletcher in a previous letter that he had hoped for help from ‘the Benevolent National Institution for aged people who have lived in respectability and are reduced in life’’. He is not yet a member but he is being encouraged by Mr Hervie, who had employed him in distributing an advertisement for his lectures. Horsman also collects money for the [Methodist] Benevolent Society in Lambeth District.

His wife sends her love.