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From F. Roalfe to Miss [Mary] Bosanquet. She was grateful for Bosanquet’s loving letter. She will endeavour to satisfy Bosanquet’s desire to know her spiritual progress. She felt that she was called to a life of great holiness ‘which has often been the subject of our conversation when we meet together’. Lately she has felt it much more since Sister R. [Sarah Ryan?] came to C. ‘The Lord made her an instrument of great good to me. I saw as I had not done before what Christian holiness was, but still at a distance from me. The Lord asked me if I would give up all, he pointed out to me what it was – things which before I know not of. I felt it hard to do this. My soul was brought to a stand…’ Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail with regard to Roalfe’s spiritual state.

Roalfe would greatly value Bosanquet’s advice – ‘reprove me, advise me and exhort me as you see needful’.

Her love should be passed to all her dear friends such as Sister R. [Sarah Ryan].