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To Mary Tooth at Madeley. Bourne had almost decided not to write before receiving a letter from Tooth as she has a great desire for Tooth's advice regarding that gentleman named in her last note.

She was not able to get out on Sunday morning due to her father's illness and she has since heard that [unreadable male name] led the class. She thinks that he has now been accepted[?] by the class members and he will hopefully prove a blessing to them.

Bourne has long desired to make Miss Jones some recompense for the trouble which she caused her and as she [Bourne] has recently come into possession of a small sum of money - she has sent Jones a part of it with a note but both the note and the money were returned immediately without a reply. Bourne cannot explain Jones's conduct but it is her fervent prayer that she may change.

She would be pleased if Tooth could come to Bridgnorth and thinks that her father would also be glad to see her. 'There is nothing to be discovered in him contrary to love when I go into the room, he says is it Fanny, come and pray with my [unreadable word]. It is a great cross but the Lord gives me strength…I feel almost noble for praying publickly at all much less for class leading. If there is anything at all said about me taking the class at [unreadable place name] please to say that I am again quite unfit for it. I [unreadable word] know what we shall do as the preachers complain of the distance but surely the Lord will not leave the sheep without a shepherd. I do not know of anyone but Mr Peters. Mr Smith mentioned something about Henry Lewis being class leader but I trust it shall be opposed as I should expect the [two unreadable words] to come to nothing if that were the case'. Apparently they had a good meeting last Sunday. Spiritual matters are discussed.

Bourne has just been reading [Sarah] Crosby's memoirs. Spiritual matters are discussed.

She has sent the missionary money but has not seen Miss Jenkins.