Scope and Content

[The handwriting is difficult to read at several points in this letter.]

From Birmingham. As her husband [William] is going to Ludlow’s aunt’s funeral tomorrow, she is taking this opportunity to write. She did not reach home until Thursday week after Ludlow left Tooth, because she had to work at Mr Thort’s[?]. [Much of the next sentence is unreadable or otherwise difficult to comprehend].

Ludlow found that her husband and child were well and did not find any particular trial waiting for her. She was sorry that she left Tooth so soon. She received the news of her aunt’s death on Sunday night and prepared to set out the following day, but at the time that she should have left, the rain came down in torrents. She intended going today but was taken very unwell just at that time. The funeral does not take place until Friday but Ludlow does not think that she shall try again.

She called on [Ann] Jordan but found that she was in London. Mr Good was just going into his house as she reached it. Ludlow did not go in but talked with him at the door – he enquired after Tooth and asked that his respects be passed on and that he hoped that Tooth was feeling better.

Ludlow does not feel well enough to write any more. Spiritual matters are discussed.