Scope and Content

To Mary Tooth at Madeley. When Bourne returned home she went straight to her room to where she was followed by her sister who told her how angry their father had been about Bourne going to Wyken[?]. When she mentioned it first, he did not say a word against it but that changed the next morning. Bourne prayed for strength and then went to him. Her father told her that she certainly wanted to see him dead or she would never act in such a fashion. Bourne tried to convince him otherwise and was then told that her heart was as hard as stone. He also said "You have lost your sweetheart and seem to mind it no more than nothing and you care as little about me but if ever you go out again at night you shall go to service". He went on to say a great deal more. Her father later went to the bookshelf, took one of her books and read and has been very friendly ever since.

Contrary to expectation, Bourne's mother has not mentioned Tooth's name.

[The rest of the letter is virtually illegible].