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From Joseph Watson in Darlaston to Mary Tooth in Madeley. He received her letter and in response to her request, makes this swift reply. It would give Watson great pleasure to 'serve you' [preach] on 11 May, were it practicable, but regrettably, it is not possible. Watson is appointed to preach at a place called Short Heath in this circuit, where a new chapel has been built, and is to be officially opened on that day. Watson will play a part in the services. Had this been an ordinary event, he would probably have secured a 'supply' [replacement], but as it is a special event, he 'dare not say a word on the subject, having been so much from the circuit'.

Coming to Madeley would be very congenial for him, partly on account of it being the scene of the work of the 'great and good Mr [John] Fletcher, whose praise is justly in all the churches.' He hopes that Tooth can find someone to 'serve you in that work of charity, better than your unworthy, but willing servant'.

Watson's best wishes should be passed to the society and to all the friends who may ask after him. He must now cut this letter short as he is surrounded by a class of boys reading English history.