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From [the house of Samuel Gaussen, Mansfield Street, Marylebone, London]. She is renewed in strength - she understands that she is suffering from 'Scorbutic[?]' rhumatism tending towards gout which is affected by any change in weather towards the cold. Her whole nervous system is affected by the cold. Besides making her incapable of 'sufficient exercise', it gives her pain in the head, indigestion etc - old age creeps on.

With regard to her will and future things if Fletcher outlives her, 'I would not wish you to be more tender of [unreadable word] than of yourself. I see no cause for it. They have now I think 470 or 475 per annum…200 of which comes from my son's [Samuel] allowance is was[?] 100 to them, the other 100 to me. I turned over mine to them with his approbation, therefore suppose he will not resume this 100 which he used to pay me, on my death. If he does not, then they will to their present income have added £2000, which by my articles comes to Mr [Mrs?] Whittingh'm in her rights which produces full four per cent so that adds £80 than another 100 I've put in trust for her [unreadable word] is at my death produces [unreadable sum] beside the land which yields about 1000 per annum [-] about 700 altogether'.

Fletcher's epistle is full of the purpose concerning faith in Christ and the manner of salvation.

Detailed reference is made Gaussen's children and to medical treatment - the writing is very difficult to read.