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From Leeds to Madeley. Fletcher's long silence has caused her Leeds friends grief, fearing that illness is the cause yet hoping that it is in fact caused by too many commitments.

Crosby has been very ill since she last wrote to Fletcher. Many times she could neither write nor work, nor meet her classes etc, some of which she thinks she is going to have to surrender by next Winter. Her hands and fingers are often very painful so that she is unable to write and she has also suffered lately from lame feet, although they have been better for about a fortnight. At present she also has a bad cold. She is prone to profuse sweating, which renders her weak and feeble.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

They are very keen to hear how Fletcher's health is and how it has been since she wrote last and how her spiritual progress is proceeding. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

They have heard nothing concerning dear [Melville] Horne since Fletcher last wrote. [William] Hey is very keen that Horne should know that people are interested in him. She hopes that by this time, Horne is enjoying an upturn in his fortunes and that his health is improved. 'I hope also that your people are going on quiet & comfortable with the good old way [the Methodist 'Old Plan']? What do you think of the change, that some of our preachers are for making this Conference?… some tell US, we need not FEAR, for none will offer to make any change among US. Many here have dreaded the time comeing. Surely we live in an awfull time. Slid be glad to know your light, of Church & State…' Reference is made to [Elizabeth] Ritchie's intention to spend a little time with Fletcher before Conference.

June 11

Crosby should have finished this letter several days since but has been very ill. She is now a little better. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Dear Miss Rhodes is well and happy.