Scope and Content

From Mary Whittingham at Potten Vicarage to Mary Tooth at Madeley vicarage. Whittingham was very much surprised at the 'painful account of my dear and precious Aunt's removal' [Mary Fletcher died on 9 December 1815]. Whittingham feels greatly for Tooth and the people of Madeley. Spiritual matters are discussed.

'I thank you my dear Miss Tooth for all the love and kind attention you have long shown to my dear aunt. Her last letter expressed her sense of your tender care ... It was indeed a comfort to her and me, that God had provided you for her, and I believe you loved her as if she had been your mother.'

Whittingham would be grateful for a detailed account of Fletcher's final days. How long was she able to continue speaking in public? She would also be grateful to know where Tooth intends to move to. Whittingham would always be pleased to exchange letters with Tooth. Were it not for the distance, she would have attended the funeral and taken 'one last look'. Spiritual matters are discussed