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From Dublin to [Mary] Tooth in Madeley. She is enclosing this letter inside one to Mr Watter. D'Arcy has not heard from Tooth in some time. She cannot attend 'the means' [Anglican/Methodist communion?] here as she sometimes did at Madeley, but the Lord is everywhere. Spiritual matters are discussed.

She hopes that dear [Mary] Fletcher does not suffer much pain 'from the wound' and that she is in all respects as well as one might wish. D'Arcy also hopes that Tooth is not suffering from headaches and that [her sister Rosamund Tooth] is also well.

A gentleman named Coan is visiting here at present from his permanent home in Bath, but is soon to return to England and wicall on Fletcher on the way. Coan asked D'Arcy if he thought that Fletcher would see him - he used to be very well acquainted with [John] Fletcher and says that he has long wished to meet his widow. D'Arcy shall take the opportunity afforded by his visit of sending the purse to Tooth's sister [Rosamund]. Would Tooth have the kindness of passing him the books that Mr Watter will give her for Miss Hely-Hutchinson.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

In a postscript she asks that her love be passed to the dear people whom she met in Madeley.