Scope and Content

From Sarah Longmore [daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca Longmore] in Oswestry to Mary Tooth. She would be grateful if Tooth could send with Sarah’s sister [Rebecca], six drawings of Madeley Church and [Madeley] barn. [The Methodist mmeting place in Madeley opened by Mary Fletcher. It was behind the vicarage.] Miss Birkett of Liverpool asked her to procure them for the [unreadable two words]. Sarah’s mother sends her regards – she does not have time to write at present. Mother’s health is on the whole pretty good. Reference is made to her sister and [Thomas] Jones visiting ‘the dearest spot on earth’ [Madeley]. The visit would be still more interesting because of the missionary meeting.

Friday Morning

Rebecca has for the last few weeks been looking forward with pleasure to the journey to Madeley, but now she cannot summon the resolution to go – Tooth can remember that she was always very timid. They had hoped a few months ago that she was conquering her imaginary fears, but the prospect of leaving home for a week has reduced her to a state. Tooth should send the drawings with Mr Jones. Sarah thinks that he will return home next Friday. She has sent payment of 9 shillings with him.