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From [[Martha] Gregson's house] Saham-Toney near Wotton, Norfolk. As she is unable to write very much, she will use this letter to send a few lines to many people. Her health is weak but this has 'sanctified my prospects for heaven'. Spiritual matters are discussed in great detail.

One evening a short time ago, she was greatly tempted and had many thoughts in her mind regarding her faith and spiritual experience. 'I laid it before the Lord before I went to bed and prayed he would teach me the right [unreadable word] if I was not right. That night I dreamed our Lord Jesus came to me with a book open in his hand, a plain large print, he put the book into one of my hands and held one part of it in his hand and showed me the part I was to read, and it was this "If ye do whatsoever I command you then ye are my disciple indeed and I am with you allways". The stronghold of Satan was broken…last week my mind was greatly troubled at what I see comming on the world and on the Church. A thick cloud of wroth is gathering it git blacker and reach further it will shortly burst. I fear it will shortly reach our guilty land. Infidelity and the worst of crime abound, the cry of which reach to heaven for vengence. A land of great light and great privileges but full of pride, oppression and formality[?] and lukewarmness. Shall not God be avenged on such a nation as this?…' Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail, with reference to another of Boyce's dreams in which she sat with Christ and his disciples.

To Miss Rossee Tooth

Boyce often thinks of her in prayer and she longs to hear how Tooth is progressing spiritually. Like Boyce, Tooth has been weighed down with affliction. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail with regard to God's love and the sufferings of this life. 'There is now but a thin partition between the two worlds. By faith look through it and though you have but a glimpse and that darkly, look forward you shall soon behold with open face the glory of the Lord…'

To Miss Haselwood

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

To Mrs Heard

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

Boyce's love should be passed to Mr and Mrs Cooper and the preachers.

[Martha] Gregson joins in sending love to all of the above correspondents. She has not been able to preach this Winter. Boyce often thinks of the people who they saw last Summer during the visit to Shropshire.