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From Bishopsgate Street, London, to Madeley, Shropshire. He has been away for a few days or he would have answered Mary's letter about the insurance sooner. William does not know if she would be answerable for the cost of insurance [on Madeley Rectory], nor can their brother [Samuel] answer the query. However as a yearly tenant, William does not see how Mary could be made responsible for any loss. Perhaps she should say to the person collecting the rent that she supposes Mr B. pays insurance cover as Mary does not consider that she would be liable in the event of a fire.

He thinks that it would be an advantage to have the [Anglican] church moved so that it would be more centrally placed in the parish.

[Their niece] Mrs Whittingham has just given birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Both are well and Mr Whittingham seems happy with the addition to the family.

They [the Whittinghams] are to have a living soon, which is to say that Mr Gaussen has bought it for them and has placed the house in good repair. The present incumbent is prepared to surrender it in return for an annuity for life. The parish is in Essex.