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From Bishopsgate Street, London, to Madeley, Shropshire. Mary will have already been informed of the death of their uncle Claude [Bosanquet]. His will has been opened and William is very sorry to have to inform her that none of Claude's nieces are mentioned. His fortune has been divided among his three sons [Jacob, William and Henry] and his nephews William and Samuel, after the payment of a number of legacies to various members of the family and to charities. William's portion is such as to enable him to make amends for Mary being omitted from the will and with that in mind, he would be grateful if Mary could inform him of the debts which she has incurred to various friends etc and he will settle them - he thinks that about £500 would be sufficient but he is prepared to pay more if necessary. Nothing would give him greater pleasure than to do this.

Financial matters are further discussed with regard to Mary's indebtedness.

He is very sorry to have to inform Mary that Miss Hayes has been very ill since Claude's death. She had been suffering from over-fatigue and anxiety and at three this morning passed away much to everyone's surprise for although she had been very sick, it was expected that she would recover. She had been in receipt of excellent medical attention but to no avail. It had been her wish to die first and her end was a painless one