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From Birmingham. Jordan received the hams safely. She thought that she would have an opportunity of sending the money and that accounts for why she has not written sooner – she considered sending it with Mrs Heeley but she went sooner than Jordan expected.

She was sorry that Mrs Molineaux had any anxiety – money sent through the post tends to get lost. She would be grateful if Tooth could settle the bill and Jordan will send the money as soon as she can – it is wrapped in paper ready.

Jordan will be very pleased to see Mrs Legg on her way to Madeley. The Jordans can find her a bed and will make her stay as comfortable as possible. She can always send the money for the hams with Legg if she cannot do so sooner.

Jordan was sorry to hear that Tooth remains unwell but hopes that she will improve now that the warmer weather is upon them. If Tooth is able to come and meet Legg on the way, they will be very pleased to see her.

Her regards should be passed to Mr and Mrs Molineaux - she was very grateful for the hams as they cannot get the like around here.

She was sorry to hear of Mrs Harper’s illness. Her regards should also be passed to Miss Haslewood.

Jordan’s head has been bad these last five days.