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From Birmingham. Tooth will think her very ungrateful for not responding sooner. Her spirits have been so bad that she did not have the heart to write before now. Mr Jordan is better – ‘a shower bath has done him good’.

Mr [George] Smith asked her to say that July 9 is the only day that he can come to Madeley, if one of the preachers will supply his place. The Mr Smith in Madeley has asked the Birmingham [George] Smith to preach the Madeley charity sermon.

Jordan hopes that Tooth received the ‘coli’ safe. They would be very happy to see Tooth and her sister [Rosamund] here. Jordan feels ‘an agonizeing spirit that will not let me rest till all the mind of Christ is brought inn’.

A gentleman from Redditch who is seeking full salvation dined with them a few days ago along with [George] Smith. After dinner, they had a blessed season in prayer and there was quite an outpouring of the spirit.