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From Alscott to Mary Tooth. Jenkins is writing a few lines in haste to tell her what a blessed meeting they had on Sunday. Mr J. Owen preached; the first meeting was very profitable and instead of a class they had a band meeting which was ‘indeed a season of refreshing…’.She thinks that everyone there was affected and two were set at liberty. Brother [Henry?] Lewis and [William] Cluett spoke a second time to tell them how the Lord had blessed them and ask an interest in the prayers of those present.

Jenkins’s brother John confesses that he once enjoyed the ‘perfect love’ of God but has now lost it. He seems to think that it is hard to retain.

She saw Brother Lewis last night and he says that he was discouraged on Wednesday night but feels that his faith is much stronger now and has enjoyed much happiness since Sunday.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

Jenkins has been expecting to see Miss James but has been disappointed – she hopes that James is not unwell and that she does not forget to come to Alscott. Hopefully, Tooth will come with her.

Miss Brown[?] and Jenkins did think of coming to the Love Feast if her father had recovered. He was a little better for a short time but has now relapsed and she is herself is sick with the measles and a cold and this prevented their attendance at the meeting. She is however on the way to recovery.

Perhaps Tooth remembers Mrs Joy of Warfield. Tooth once gave her a large hymn book and some tracts. She has recently died of the Typhoid fever, leaving a husband and seven children. The oldest child is also very ill and Jenkins thinks that it is the same cause.

Jenkins’s love should be given to all who know her. She intends to call on Miss Dorset next week.