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From 42 Clark's Stret, Bury to Mary Tooth. He was about to write to [Mary] Fletcher when he received word of her death. A fortnight before she passed away, 'I dreamed I saw her at my bedside, she appeared most beautiful, and in the full bloom of youth. I said to my wife, and a few friends it is high time to write to Mrs Fletcher for I had a fine view of her last night. What a burst of heavenly joy when she entered the gate of life to have a reunion with her late dear and invaluable husband [John]…' Tooth had the benefits of her company and instruction for a long time and witnessed her 'constant and deep communion with God in the heavenly exercises she so often engaged in…' Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. He would be grateful to receive a full account of that blessed woman.

Tooth should continue in the good work in the parish which Fletcher so honoured.

His regards should be passed to [Rosamund] Tooth and to [Richard] Williams at Madeley Wood.

They have good prospect of success in this area.

It was kind of [Thomas] Cooper to send him an account of Fletcher's death. Hopkins will write him.

His wife join in sending best wishes.