Scope and Content

From Bishopsgate Street, London, to Madeley, Shropshire. Hindmarsh has sent Mary's books to William's house - a pretty large parcel. William has not yet had the chance to settle with him but will endeavour to do so next week.

William has lately been busy with disposing of his house. It was very large and as the two young men who used to live with him, have both lately married, he was left alone. He therefore decided to part with the place and has instead taken a 'counting house' with a [living] room in the same street. Mary's letters may still therefore be sent to Bishopsgate Street. William has rented a house to live in, in Gower Street, Bedford Square. The terms are by the month. It is close to their nephew Sam and wife and is also near Mrs Francks. Many of William's friends also live in the area.

Unless Mary has immediate plans for the disposal of her books, he will take them with him. They can be stored for the time being in his warehouse, which is small but large enough for the purpose.

In a postscript, he mentions receipt of Mary's letter. He is pleased that she has been able to dispose of the books although Mr Bruce has not yet sent for them.

Mr Hindmarsh has also just called and William has settled the bill - a total of £18.6 including 3s 6d for carting. He says that he is certain it cost him more than he has charged and that all the booksellers advised him to charge a shilling a week, which would have resulted in a bill of fifty shillings a year. It is however all settled now.

William has enclosed £2 which will make up the £20 for the poor.