Scope and Content

From John [unreadable name]. He wonders if it is a custom [among the Methodists] to return thanks fora recovery from illness. 'If it is, as you have so kindly prayed for me, I feel very desirous & return my THANKS to Almighty God, in the SAME PLACES. This you will do at such time as you think proper…'

He would also like to thank Tooth and Mr Gill for their kindness in calling upon him - not a member of their society. Are they not however all members of the same great family and are they not all seeking entrance into the same 'blissful mansion'.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail. His motto is "think & let think", "Grace to differ". On the final day it will not be asked whether they are Anglicans, Methodists, Baptists or Quakers. 'The name I love is Christian, if I see an holy man or woman I do not seem to think what party they are of…'

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail with specific reference to John's recent illness.